SM&P Opens New Office in Savannah

After learning about family law client needs in Savannah, SM&P decided to open an office there. Leading the effort at the “Hostess City of the South” site is associate attorney Belinda Martin.

The office, located at 2 East Bryan Street, is downtown in the heart of Savannah’s commercial and business center. “It faces Johnson Square, the oldest (1733) and largest of Savannah’s beautiful squares,” said Belinda. ”We are blocks from city hall and convenient to the courts, and just off the Savannah River. We will serve Bryan, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, and other surrounding counties.”

“We are always searching for ways to accommodate our clients better and to extend our services to areas that we believe could benefit from them,” said Mary Montgomery, SM&P founding and managing partner. “We are excited about the prospect of a presence in Savannah, a growing area with a matching growth opportunity to serve this population.”

All the residents they’ve met so far are fantastic. “Although there are lots of transplants — me included — the natives are extremely proud of their heritage here and they are so welcoming. People are on a little slower pace in this part of the South, which makes everyone a little friendlier!” Belinda added.

Belinda’s original reason for moving to the beautiful Savannah area was to be closer to family. “But now I’m in love with the city,” she said. “It’s drenched in rich history, which is evident in the architecture, cobblestone streets, and live oak-lined streets curtained with Spanish moss. There is always something interesting to see and do, and Savannah does a great job celebrating — some type of festival is always going on!”

“I am also excited to be a part of the Savannah legal environment and am dedicated to the support of this community. We look forward to being advocates for the men and women who choose us to represent them,” said Belinda. “We have much to offer and our team is eager to meet the people of the area and help them with any family law challenge they might face.”