SM&P Attorney speaks to pre-law students at local college 

Picture this: a room filled with bright-eyed female students, eager to learn and be inspired. And who better to do just that than seasoned SMP attorney, Judy D. Sartain? Recently, she graced the University of North Georgia-Dahlonega Campus with her presence, speaking to approximately 15 female students who are part of the Women in Political Science and International Affairs group.

The purpose of the group is to address the disparity in the number of female students in the field, and Judy was there to offer her expertise and mentorship to help these students excel. With a passion for speaking to students interested in going to law school and considering family law as a field of interest, Judy brought a unique perspective to the conversation.

As a non-traditional student who worked during the day and attended school at night, Sartain was able to provide “real world” examples of how the public needs compassionate attorneys who have a passion for what they are doing. And the female students who attended were on the pre-law track and eager to hear from practitioners in the field. They had heard amazing stories about Judy and were honored to have her give her time to their small group.

Judy’s ability to talk to these women about the trials they may face, the obstacles for both women in the field and in life, and to press upon them that life is not always easy, but that if you “bloom where you are planted” and make the best of every opportunity and work hard, great things are possible, left a lasting impression on all who were in attendance. It was an inspiring and empowering event, and Judy’s passion for the law and dedication was obvious.

“I urged the students to examine their goals, gifts, and desires; to ask themselves ‘what do I want?’ because, so many students drift through college and when they approach graduation, they are unsure of their future,” Judy noted.

Jaimie Kelly, assistant professor, UNG’s Department of Political Science and International Affairs shared her appreciation to Judy “for making an impression as both a legal scholar and a human on this group of women – I am confident the women walked away knowing that if they are committed, they too can be successful.”