Sartain Writes Book for People Considering Adoption

SM&P’s adoption expert, Judy Sartain, has recently released her book, Beginner’s Guide to Georgia Adoption Law. “During my more than twenty-five years practicing law in my home state of Georgia,” said Judy, “I have been fortunate enough to finalize over 800 adoptions in the state with children from all over the United States and the domestication of many foreign adoptions.”

Because, in Georgia, adoption law is code-driven, complex, and ever-changing, Judy realized that adoptive parents needed a thorough but clear guide to the process. She decided she was the person to do it.

Mary Montgomery, SM&P’s founding and managing partner, agreed and encouraged Judy to share her expertise more widely. “I couldn’t think of anyone in the state more qualified or motivated to provide this information to the adoption community,” she said.

The book offers an overview of the different types of adoptions available to birth parents, foster care, and the legal community in Georgia. Topics include qualifications required of adoptive parents, step-parent adoption, domesticating foreign adoptions, relative adoptions, private adoptions, and more.

Readers will find themselves better prepared to start the adoption process. They will also learn why the selection of an experienced adoption attorney is critical to both the prospective adoptive parents and the birth parent or parents.

To download your copy of the book, click here. Mark your calendar for May 15 at 10:00 a.m. to participate in our FREE adoption seminar where Judy will review and discuss her book followed by a Q&A session.