Operation Gratitude

SM&P team members routinely participate in events to support our first responders and military. Recently, they were invited to participate in Operation Gratitude’s letter-writing campaign.

The firm’s Samantha Ramsey stepped up to show her gratitude for the sacrifice of first responders, service members, and veterans involved in the 9/11 tragedy. She heeded the call put out by Operation Gratitude to all grateful Americans to express their appreciation for these heroes in observance of the 9/11 20th Anniversary and as part of the annual National Day of Service through the digital letter-writing campaign.

When Samatha’s nine-year-old daughter Kyndall heard what her mom was doing, she, too, wanted to sign up and write a thankful message to the brave rescuers she had heard about her entire life. She wrote:


Dear Hero,

My name is Kyndall. I live in Georgia. I have a lot of family that was or is in the military. My dad, grandpa, and my uncle. My uncle flies B2’s. When I grow up I want to fly airplanes in the military. Thank you for keeping all of us safe. I hope you make it home soon to see your family. Please stay safe.

Thank you for your service,
Kyndall Ramsey


“Kyndall is the most patriotic nine-year-old in history,” said Samantha. “She has the American flag as her screensaver rather than the cute graphics that little girls usually like.”

“Over 11,000 letters were sent through Operation Gratitude,” said James Johnson, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret.), chief executive officer for the organization. “Each and every volunteer contributed to this incredible effort, and I want to thank them for their donations, handmade items, and beautiful letters that all combine to make Operation Gratitude Care Packages the most unique and special way to thank all who serve.”

Mary Montgomery, SM&P’s founding and managing partner, was very pleased with Kyndall’s desire to write her own note. “Many of the adults in the firm have been dedicated to events and projects for our military members. It’s great to see a young person so devoted to this cause. We expect more great things from her in the coming years.”