New Books Donated to North Georgia Reading Program

SM&P account manager Tori Phillips, through her family’s business, Georgia Book Company, donated more than $9,000 in NEW books to the Walker County School District’s Rossville Reads Summer Initiative in northwest Georgia as part of the Battle of the Books in the county schools.

“This effort is a small price to pay to be a part of educating and supporting our Georgia children,” said Tori. “It’s so cliché to say that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, but it’s also true. Investing in our kids is one of the smartest things we can do.”

“We now know that developing reading skills in the early years has lifetime consequences,” Tori said. “Children who read well do better in school all the way through. And regardless of what career they choose, they are likely to be more successful and also better-informed citizens.”

The Initiative delivers books to K-8 low-income students during the summer to continue the educational process, allowing them to maintain their skill level. Volunteers deliver the books at the appropriate grade level to the families. “The kids are thrilled when they learn they can keep the books,” said Karen Stoker, Walker County School Board chairman. “Some of them have never had a book of their own.”

In recognition of The Georgia Book Company’s generosity, Tori was awarded a certificate for outstanding support of the Walker County School System and Rossville Reads Summer Initiative. It was signed by the school district superintendent, Damon Raines.

“I look forward to working with the school district this summer. I am proud to help our community,” said Tori.