National Pet Day 2022

As if the natural beauty of April is not enough to cheer us, we also have the opportunity to celebrate our non-human family members this month on April 11, National Pet Day. We at SM&P want to recognize a few of our special buddies. We hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we enjoy loving them.

Najah Cabrera, account manager, says that her covid baby, Pepper, was adopted in August of 2020. She is a blend of cocker spaniel, shih tzu, Yorkie, and miniature schnauzer. “I decided to adopt,” explains Najah, “after realizing I would be spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic. I needed an excuse to leave the house and someone to Netflix and chill with.” Pepper will be two in June.



Judy Sartain, attorney, said, “I’m having difficulty with the assistants who work with me when I work from home. One can hardly keep his eyes open and the other is so bossy, she invades everyone’s space. Just wondering if any of you have this same problem when working from home. But, trust me, I’m not complaining about MY working conditions at all!” Albert is the red and black dappled dachshund, 12 1/2 years old. Lara is a French Brittany spaniel, five years old (approximated because she’s a rescue – can we trust her not to lie about her age?)


Senior accountant Samantha Ramsey shares her home with two great Pyrenees. Although Maverick (135 pounds and three years old) is her favorite, she would never let Tucker know. “They are gentle giants,” she said, “bred as guardians of livestock. Their barks can definitely be heard – ask the neighbor two doors down.” Maverick is the big one on the right.

Going to the other extreme size-wise is Gypsy, a 16-year-old, 21-pound poodle-terrier mix, housemate of Victoria Turney, director of client relations. “A local store owner found her in the back and was ready to call animal control when I was called by a friend who said, ‘I have the perfect dog for you,’” said Victoria. “She’s been a loving companion since that day, and even as she ages and has lost her vision and hearing, her sense of smell can still keep her under my feet.”

Attorney Belinda Martin lives with her 13-year-old corkie (cocker spaniel/Yorkie), Gizmo. They’ve had her since she was a puppy. “She’s ruined more rugs than I can remember,” Belinda said. “But she is my little shadow and always makes sure she knows where I am in the house and finds a comfy spot nearby, if not in my lap! What’s a rug compared to that?”

We do have those who serve cats among our ranks. However, none came forth with details. Perhaps they are as aloof as their feline supervisors.

And as for the many other worthy companions our friends and clients may cherish, we want to at least mention our appreciation for hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, bunnies (Easter or otherwise), donkeys, pigs, horses, goats, fish, lizards, and snakes. Which marvelous creature have we left out?

As for those we don’t usually treasure as pets, we offer a special shout-out to cute jumping spiders who try hard to be accepted but are usually ignored.