MUST Ministry Distributes Hygiene Kits

SM&P has been a MUST supporter for years. They trust this charitable organization to invest in the community through an assortment of programs addressing the basic needs of local individuals and families.

MUST recently put out the word that hygiene kits were in short supply. SM&P staff passed that word around and began the collection. Employees brought in donations or financial contributions to help make a difference. Executive assistant Sherri Dombi, who coordinated the effort, was humbled by the generosity of the employees. “Everyone uses these simple everyday items,” said Sherri, “so we all pitched in to provide them to those in need,” said Sherri. “I never cease to be amazed by our team’s willingness to do whatever they can.”

Attorney Ebony Ameen collected money from the SM&P offices so additional items required could be purchased to fill the quart and gallon zip lock bags. Ebony explained why she wanted to help. “So many people are struggling right now. I try to give when I can because none of us ever knows when we could be in that predicament.”

“We always appreciate how Mary and the firm step forward to help us help others,” said Atlanta Food Bank Coordinator Aimee Bush. “It’s especially vital right now as so many people are grappling with unemployment or underemployment during the pandemic.”

“As we react with heartbreak to the huge national disasters affecting so many areas of the county,” said Mary Montgomery, SM&P’s founding and managing partner, “we should also remember the hundreds of small disasters quietly taking place right here in Atlanta. We know we can count on MUST to help our neighbors.”