Mini-Parade Celebrates Marietta’s Victory Park Resident’s 100th Birthday

In a desire to continue supporting the community despite Covid-19, SM&P’s Victoria Turney took a few minutes to join in the mini-parade recognizing one of Marietta’s leading citizens, 100-years-young Keep Marietta Beautiful board member and longtime resident, Lois Morrison. Marietta political and business leaders, along with neighbors and family, gathered in her yard or drove in her social-distanced parade. Led by a police car, the fire department and others passed by with horns honking, lights flashing, and happy birthday greetings being yelled from the vehicles. Ms. Morrison waved back and grinned from ear-to-ear. According to Marietta Mayor Steve “Thunder” Tumlin, “This was a great way to say a Marietta happy birthday to our newest Marietta centenarian of the Victory Park neighborhood.”

Happy Birthday Lois, and many more from your friends at Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor.