Melanie Prehodka Named a Georgia Super Lawyer 2022

Melanie PrehodkaSM&P is proud to announce that Melanie Prehodka (Partner) has been named a Georgia Super Lawyer for 2022.

Melanie went into law because she realized she had an aptitude for it. “I am very good at assimilating a lot of information that is a confusing mess and using it to tell a comprehensive story that is easy to understand.  I also realize that no one achieves anything totally on their own. We all benefit from those around us who lend advice and offer collaboration as we strive to do our best.”

She says that no one should follow in her footsteps because they want to save the world or make money. “You won’t save the world and it is a hard way to make a living. You need to be able to focus and remain objective but convey empathy to clients who are usually going through stressful, life-changing events. What you do can affect the day-to-day world of the client and innocent children. If you do not like people or have empathy, don’t become a family lawyer.”

As for the field of law, Melanie is proud of her colleagues on both sides of a case. “For the most part, contrary to public perception, most attorneys behave professionally and treat each other with courtesy. I think that is necessary, especially in family law. We cannot get sucked into the drama of the very real emotions surrounding the types of cases that we handle because we need to stay objective and on the lookout for the most efficient way to get the case resolved for our clients.”

To learn more about Melanie’s background, visit her attorney page.