Mary Montgomery Celebrates 30-Year Family Law Milestone

Thirty years. Three decades. It is a long time in any context, but in terms of a growing, viable business, it’s a lifetime. Sustaining that business in an industry dependent on expert guidance through a highly complex legal system, stressful circumstances and emotional support can be both challenging and rewarding. This month, Mary Montgomery celebrates 30 years of doing just that—navigating the choppy waters between emotionally charged, unique, complicated divorce situations and legal resolution.

Mary’s journey started in 1987 and, while she no longer practices on a day-to-day basis, her passion for helping people, her focus on “people’s rights” and her relentless hard work still drive Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor today. Three decades and over 10,000 cases are a testament to Mary’s focus, stamina and leadership and are not lost on her colleagues.

“In my life, there are three important women,” says Mary’s law partner, Ryan Proctor, “my wife, my mom and Mary Montgomery. Mary invited me to join her law practice 10 years ago, then honored me by making me a partner in 2010. In that 10 years, Mary has been a personal and professional mentor. She is an exceptional human being and I congratulate her on 30 extraordinary years and wish her that same success for the future.”

Things change a lot in 30 years. Laws change, technology changes, the economy, societal attitudes and certainly the ebb and flow of a growing business.

“It’s imperative to include all of the variables in the equation of your business,” states Mary. “Our sole purpose is to help people, to help families. As long as we understand that, continue to learn from what we do and never lose sight of that end game, the sky is the limit. Surrounding ourselves with top legal minds, an expert staff and maintaining our incredible work ethic should allow us to do what we do best for years to come.”