Lynn Congdon Employee of the Year Award

The SM&P team was treated to a surprise announcement at their recent employee gala. Mary Montgomery, the firm’s founding and managing partner, revealed that not only was Lynn Congdon, Executive Assistant – Legal, named Employee of the Year, but the award henceforth would be named “The Lynn Congdon Employee of the Year Award.”

“I was very surprised!” said Lynn. “They all kept it a great secret. I was so shocked that Jon (her husband) had to tell me to stand up and go up to the podium.”

Mary offered a heartfelt presentation of gratitude, concluding that she felt her ability to build the practice was due in part to Lynn’s leadership.

Lynn was deeply touched by Mary’s words of appreciation. “I would not be where I am today without Mary. She has given me the freedom and the trust to take on the management roles I have. I see her fierce dedication and determination to make herself and the firm better each day, and I strive to do the same. Because I was so shocked, I missed a lot of her words. But I read them later, and they mean so much!”

Lynn has been with the firm for more than a decade. “I have loved being at SM&P these last 10-plus years, rising from paralegal to trainer to management (currently executive assistant, helping any department that requests help, but mostly staying involved with the legal teams). I love working with everyone at SM&P – we have a great set of people and that makes the job fun — most days anyway.”

Retirement, she said, is getting closer. “I gave my five-year notice to Mary five years ago, so I am looking at retiring at the end of this year. I am not a halfway person. I am either all in or all out, although I certainly may change my mind and work on projects with Mary for a period of time after, if possible.”

Paralegal and legal trainer Norlyn Turner knows Lynn well. “Dedication, commitment, and superb work ethics are hard to come by,” she said. “Lynn is someone that in only a few encounters you can sense these qualities. The thoroughness of her thought process and her ability to capture it, whether by email or conversation, is unmatched. Lynn is more than deserving to be named our Employee of the Year.”

“Lynn leads the staff by example with an undeniable work ethic and a calm and expeditious manner to solving whichever problems come her way,” said partner Randy Sabatini. “She maintains the utmost professionalism at all times. If you wanted to find the definition of the perfect employee and team member, all you have to do is find ‘Lynn Congdon.’”

“All in all,” said Lynn, “it was a truly great night. The party was very fun, and the award took it over the top. I am so thankful.”