Kentucky Derby Fundraiser

SM&P was represented at a recent Saturday evening social at the Marietta Educational Garden Center. The event that drew them was Chief Judge Robert Leonard’s signature Kentucky Derby party, which, for many attorneys, is one of the most looked-forward-to events of 2022.

This year, former Georgia governors Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal co-hosted the event while SM&P was one of the sponsors.

In the South, a Kentucky Derby party is always anticipated with enthusiasm. According to attendees, this one met expectations. And apparently, one didn’t have to be clutching an almost empty julep glass to think so!

“We all enjoy spending time with our legal colleagues, especially in the Superior Court of Cobb County community,” said Victoria Turney, SM&P’s director of client relations. “It was great to see everyone at one of the most festive events for us legal folks and others lucky enough to be there. We really enjoyed dressing up in extreme millinery, getting out, and networking with each other. It was fun to guess, mint-garnished libation in hand, who might win the prizes for “Best Dressed” and “Best Derby Hat.”

“The firm supported Judge Leonard’s campaign event because we appreciate his advocacy for those we serve,” said SM&P’s founding and managing partner, Mary Montgomery. “And besides that, who’d want to miss it? SM&P was glad to be a part of the experience.”