Keep Marietta Beautiful – Love the Loop

Since we’ve learned that outdoor activities are fairly safe during COVID-19, SM&P team members have taken advantage of several fresh-air volunteer opportunities. Sherri Dombi and Victoria Turney helped out with the quarterly Keep Marietta Beautiful’s “Love the Loop” event last month. “We want to keep America beautiful, especially our Marietta,” said Sherri. Local community volunteers spent a few hours picking up trash throughout the main thoroughfares of the city. “There were at least five others there with us,” she added. “Many hands did indeed make light work. The Loop is back to its natural, appealing landscape.”

Maggi Moss, the executive director of Keep Marietta Beautiful (KMB), the local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, was delighted but not surprised at the transformation. “People here have amazing community spirit and can-do attitudes,” Maggi said.

KMB’s mission is to generate environmental pride and a sense of ownership within the Marietta community through three core goals: litter prevention, beautification, and waste reduction. Their website noted that history has shown that when residents feel they are part of a community, they tend to not toss trash out the window in their neighborhoods. The tidy appearance of a city not only positively affects its residents, but can also influence new businesses and people to locate here. Where litter and graffiti exist, they prefer not to come. “Unfortunately, a few people continue to litter, but with volunteers, hopefully, we can counter any damage,” Victoria added.

“The commitment of Marietta’s community and business leaders like SM&P to an attractive environment is one reason we continue to draw businesses and new residents,” said Maggi.