Give a Meal, Get a Meal

SM&P has been a long-term supporter of liveSAFE Resources (LSR). So when they heard about a chance to help the nonprofit organization through their recent Give a Meal, Get a Meal fundraiser, they signed up.

“Give A Meal, Get A Meal is a part of our Summer of Tribute,” said LSR executive director Tracey Atwater. “Since we had to cancel the in-person Tribute event, we still wanted to do something, so we organized this fundraiser! It was LSR’s way to spread awareness about who we are, especially during these difficult times. It also allowed us to thank our partners who support us 24/7 — from the amazing organizations we work with to the catering company we bought the meals from, Affairs to Remember.”

The funds raised will help LSR fulfill its mission to provide safety and healing to those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. For each meal bought, a meal was matched and given to one of LSR’s community partners. These partners are firefighters, policemen, and employees at local non-profits who help their clients in many ways.

The SM&P staff decided to kick it up a notch. They ordered eight meals through the event, but instead of keeping their meals, the team decided to donate all their meals to community partners. “The only thing better than enjoying these savory meals ourselves,” said Mary Montgomery, founding and managing partner, “was giving them to people in the community who help those in need throughout the year.”

In addition to the fundraiser, LSR posted videos about the 15 Summer of Tribute honorees on social media to recognize them for the support they provide all year in our community. These ladies were selected based on their commitment to the community.

Thank you to all who bought meals to support liveSAFE Resources and helped put smiles on the faces of those who so deserve to receive a delicious free meal.

Sometimes, there really is such a thing as a free lunch!