Football Spirit Kickoff at SM&P

Football in Georgia is as much a part of fall as tumbling leaves. Not a group to miss celebrating all that’s good about our state, the SM&P team saluted the start of the season by asking employees to wear their football teams’ attire for Spirit Day. An assortment of jerseys and colors brightened the offices, often accompanied by a cheer from loyal fans.

“I was born and raised a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket,” said Kristi Culpepper, senior paralegal. “My dad graduated from Georgia Tech and he doesn’t go a day without wearing a GT shirt. We have season tickets and attend all of the home games wearing yellow and gold. It’s a BIG deal! We arrive at the tailgating spot early and set up food, TVs, etc. My dog Hammer is even a fan and sports a beautiful GT collar! Saturdays are for family, football, and tailgating. Go Jackets!”

Judy D. Sartain, senior associate attorney, has been a Dawg fan for many years. “I’m not Bulldawg born, but Bulldawg bred, and will be Bulldawg dead when I die. I get goosebumps during the trumpet solo for the ‘Battle Hymn.’ I watched the magical 1980 season. I was so nervous during the National Championship game in January that I couldn’t watch it. We’ve held season tickets for years.”

Her basement bar is a “Bulldawg shrine,” Judy explains. “My daughter Catherine’s first game was when she was about 12 weeks old – an Ole Miss game. It was Eli Manning’s last in college football and I didn’t want to miss it. The game got interesting, and she got hungry, so I nursed her in the stands along with 92,000+ of our closest friends!”

Judy says that she typically “dresses out” on the Friday before the game. “Much of my closet is ‘Red & Black.’” And her dachshund Albert has a jersey, too.

Najah R. Cabrera, account manager, says that, unfortunately, she doesn’t follow sports. “But my Pastor went to UGA, and we have to hear about them every Sunday.”

Receptionist Kaylyn Ross is from New Orleans. “All my family are die-hard Saints fans, so they would’ve killed me if I didn’t wear my black and gold! But I really wore my colors because I bleed black and gold! We had so much fun kicking off the season with SM&P.”

Part of the kickoff celebration included some tailgate favorites — Executive Assistant-Employee Relations and Client Support Sherri Dombi’s chili, Executive Assistant-Legal Lynn Congdon’s Armenian rice, Receptionist Dani Millan’s buffalo dip, and Kaylyn’s spinach dip.

“We are known to be team players around here,” said Kristi. “So it was second nature to share our favorite football teams with our tight, legal team. Some friendly rivalry is good for the office huddle.”