Executive Assistant Recently Retires

Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor’s Legal Executive Assistant Lynn Congdon gave her farewell to the Firm during a recent retirement party at the Marietta office. Partners, employees, and family, gathered from the eight locations, those who could not attend sent their regards via correspondence.

After serving 12 years with SM&P, Lynn worked her way from being a paralegal to her retiring title of legal executive assistant for Founder and Managing Partner, Mary Montgomery.

To Mary, Lynn has been an inspiration with not only her family law knowledge but her leadership. According to Mary, Lynn’s leadership style was instrumental in the growth of the Firm. “Lynn was always focused on leading courageously with her heart, having a great understanding, and promoting the principle of doing your job.”

Her presence and work ethic touched employees in various ways. For Senior Paralegal Viktor Katkalov, who met Lynn almost six years ago, he appreciated everything he learned from her and was grateful for her support.

HR Project Administrator Kaelyn Pruett said, “She was someone you wanted to listen to, seek guidance and direction from when you were in a corner, without fear of reaction or being a bother. She forced you to think for yourself and grow professionally on your own, in a graceful manner.”

Everyone agrees she will be missed, and we hope she gets some R&R.