Cobb Legal Aid Celebrates Milestone

SM&P employees gathered to celebrate the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby while also commemorating 30 years of pro bono partnership between Cobb Legal Aid and the Cobb Bar. The event, graciously hosted by Cobb Superior Court Judge Rob Leonard, saw attorneys, judges, friends, and family come together to witness the exhilarating two-minute race.

The festivities took place at the picturesque Marietta Educational Garden Center, where over 80 guests adorned in stylish Derby attire mingled and engaged in lively discussions about the potential winner of this year’s race. In the South, a Derby party is always highly anticipated, and according to attendees, this gathering exceeded their expectations. It seems that one didn’t even need to hold an almost empty julep glass to reach this consensus!

While derby attire was encouraged, account manager Brianna Alston relished the opportunity to dress up, spend time with coworkers, and support a worthy cause. Attorney Megan Long particularly enjoyed observing the creativity and craftsmanship displayed by everyone in assembling their outfits. She also admitted that it was enjoyable to get all dolled up for such a great purpose.

Mary Montgomery, the founding and managing partner of SMP, expressed gratitude for the chance to support Cobb Legal Aid, acknowledging the organization’s invaluable work in assisting the less fortunate within the community. “We at SMP are always honored to support Cobb Legal Aid,” she said. “Their dedication to helping the underprivileged is both deeply appreciated and necessary. We were delighted to be part of this experience and to celebrate the event.”

Thanks to the continued support of steadfast sponsors like Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor, Cobb Legal Aid managed to raise nearly $8,000, according to Cathy Waddell, attorney, and pro bono project manager. “Partnerships with local law firms and the judiciary are essential to sustaining Cobb Legal Aid’s mission of providing free legal services to low-income residents of Cobb County,” she added.