Care Package to SM&P Team Member Serving in Honduras

SM&P’s IT software and data specialist Hayden Venable is currently deployed overseas as an operations officer for the Security Forces Assistance Brigade (SFAB). The brigade is advising the Honduran military. In honor and appreciation of his work there, the firm put together a care package to let him know he is being thought of back home.

The staff collected contributions from everyone to compile a great bundle of goodies for him and those reservists serving with him. Everyone was invited to attach a personal note to their donation(s), to let him know who it was from. To expedite the collection, Kaelyn Pruett, HR project administrator, compiled a list of items to help in determining what products there may be a lack of there so they could be quickly found and donated.

Before Hayden embarked on his military leave, he trained a cohort to aid during his impending absence. He must have left quite the impression on his trainee, as it was her idea to put together a care package for him. “He was so patient and thorough,” said recently hired IT software and data specialist Janet Bass, “all while planning for a long deployment and taking care of other tasks in the office. I just thought it would be nice to send him an unexpected care package so he’ll know that we were thinking of him. I’m aware from friends how they welcome care packages when they are in the field.”

“We, as a group, are always looking for ways to support our veterans and active-duty troops, “said Mary Montgomery, the firm’s founding and managing partner. “Imagine how delighted we were to show our gratitude for a military member in our own firm!”

“I’m sure he and his fellow reservists will enjoy the treats and hopefully realize how much we appreciate them and all their hard work,” said Kaelyn.

As we patiently wait for Hayden’s confirmation that he received his package, we are confident the contents and warm thoughts enclosed will put a smile on some faces once it does arrive. We feel certain that he and his partners in patriotism will be stuffed full of protein and jerky for days to come and certainly protected by sunscreen from those relentless Honduras sun rays!