Attorneys Earn CLEs At Recent Family Law Institute

SM&P was a recent sponsor for the highly esteemed 39th Annual Family Law Institute (FLI), held at the prestigious Omni Amelia Island Resort, Florida. The event lived up to its well-deserved reputation, attracting hundreds of Family Law practitioners from around the state to include seven SM&P attorneys who brought their expertise to the forefront.

While participants enjoyed networking activities amidst the picturesque beach and golf course, the primary focus of the FLI was to delve into crucial legal subjects focused on family law. The attorneys were able to earn 14 Continuing Education (CE) units, fulfilling their ongoing educational requirements. The event included a wide range of pertinent topics, including ethical dilemmas in family law, considerations of gender in custody and parenting time, professionalism within the field, Georgia child support guidelines, and updates on relevant legislative changes affecting family law.

Partner Randy Sabatini emphasized the exceptional opportunity the FLI provided for attorneys across the State to come together. “The most accomplished legal minds from all corners of our State converged in one place, sharing their experiences and invaluable insights with fellow attendees of all levels of practice,” he remarked.

For senior attorney Anne Thompson, she found the institute to be immensely informative, expressing her eagerness to apply the newfound knowledge to benefit her clients. “The detailed explanation regarding the intentional omission of Schedule C on child support worksheets was particularly enlightening,” she noted.

The consensus of the lectures was highly enriching. To attorney Dominic Jones lectures focusing on alimony was particularly enlightening. “Gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate nuances surrounding alimony and the factors influencing its allocation was invaluable,” he shared. “I anticipate employing these insights in my ongoing alimony cases.”

Firm founder and managing partner Mary Montgomery highlighted the immense value of both formal presentations and informal exchanges among legal leaders. “Not only do the formal sessions provide immense value on their own, given the ever-evolving legal landscape we navigate, but the informal discussions and interactions with other esteemed professionals are equally priceless,” said Mary. “The FLI provides an immense value of both formal presentations and informal exchanges among legal leaders.”

Attorneys also had the opportunity to analyze and discuss groundbreaking cases from the past year, further enhancing their understanding and sharpening their skills.

Anne made a special note of a significant case from New York, where attorneys submitted falsified legal cases generated by chat-based AI. Curiosity prompted her to conduct further research and examine the fake opinions documented in the case file. “I was taken aback and somewhat disturbed by the uncanny realism of these fabricated cases,” she shared. “Moving forward, I will remain vigilant in recognizing the potential impact of this technology, not only in the creation of fictitious case law but also its potential of forging documentary evidence.”

Family law is a dynamic field, constantly evolving, and SM&P is committed to ensuring its attorneys receive ongoing training to expand their repertoire of legal tools, ultimately benefiting their clients.