Grounds For An Annulment In Georgia

While they are not common in Georgia, annulments can be granted under specific circumstances. An annulment is used to end a marriage that, in the states eyes, is invalid, compared to a divorce that ends what is considered to be legally a “real” marriage. The terms under which one can obtain an annulments in Georgia are listed below.

  • The two spouses are related
  • At least one person in the marriage did not have the mental ability to enter into the marriage.
  • One spouse was forced into the marriage.
  • One party was fraudulently misled into the marriage.
  • One party was already married to another individual when entering into the marriage.

The point of an annulment is to return each individual to the condition they were in before the marriage. One point to keep in mind is that even if all the conditions above exist, if a child was conceived during the marriage then an annulment is a much more difficult option to consider. If you are considering requesting an annulment call an experienced Georgia family law attorney to help you.