How to Get an Alimony Modification in Georgia

While alimony is not a requirement in Georgia it can be awarded when the situation is right. Alimony, just like child support, can also be modified post-divorce when necessary after it has been granted. Below are some reasons why your alimony payment may be modified.

Change of Financial Status:

Alimony payment/support may be modified in Georgia is if there is a change in income or financial status of either spouse or if the spouse that is paying alimony hits a financial setback including losing his/her job or receiving a reduction in income. A modification in alimony may also occur if the spouse receiving alimony gains a large sum of money through inheritance or other means.

Keep in mind alimony payment/support can also be modified upward if the spouse paying alimony gains a raise or the spouse receiving alimony has a sudden decrease in income.


In Georgia, alimony payments may also be modified or eliminated if the spouse receiving alimony support decides to cohabitate with another regardless of gender. If the spouse petitioning for a modification can not fully prove their ex-spouse is cohabitating, then the petitioner will be responsible for paying any attorney fees incurred by the defense during the process.

If you believe you have a case for alimony modification you should immediately speak to a Georgia family law attorney to discuss your options.