Same Sex Adoption in Georgia

Adoption by same sex couples is an issue that has been moving towards the forefront of family law. While traditional couples typically have no fewer roadblocks with the adoption process sex adoption tends to be a bit more complicated. Let’s review a few of the statistics, details and laws regarding adoption by same sex couples.

United States Same Sex Adoption Statistics

According to the 2012 census, 270,000 children are currently living with same sex couples in the United States. 110,000 of those have been legally adopted, which is an increase of nearly 100% over the 2000 Census statistics that showed 65,000 children in the same environment.

The State of Georgia’s Stance on Same Sex Adoption

There are no specific laws that clearly prohibit same sex adoption, however it may differ from county to county and relationship status. 

Currently, the laws in the state of Georgia are as follows

  • Same sex couples have the right to file a formal petition to adopt, as the law permits anyone over the age of 25 to submit an application.
    (GA. CODE ANN. § 19-8-3.)
  • There are no express prohibitions against a same sex couple from filing jointly to adopt, however there have been no rulings on the issue.
  • There are no express prohibitions against a same sex partner filing to adopt the other partner’s child

Same Sex Adoption is Complicated in Georgia

Same sex adoption in the state of Georgia is a rather complicated issue. There are a variety of factors taken into consideration, and it is advisable to retain counsel as a result. The law offices of Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor have experience in dealing with these specific issues. Please contact one of our lawyers today and let us help you with any same sex adoption needs you may have.