Post-Adoption Services in Georgia

If you are considering adoption and wondering what happens once the placement process is complete, Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services offers some post-adoption support services designed to help adoptive parents settle into their new life while enhancing the adoption experience.

Here are some of the programs available to adopted children and adoptive families:

Adopted Teen Empowerment and Mentoring Program (ATEAM)

The Adopted Teen Empowerment and Mentoring Program (ATEAM) is a specialized program designed for kids in the 6th through 12th grades. Participants are given an opportunity for support and self-expression in group interactions with other adopted teenagers. Public and private colleges and youth facilities throughout the state hold the event monthly, usually on a Saturday.

Adult Adoption Searches: Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry

For adopted children twenty-one or older, there is assistance for those who want to search for their biological parents or any siblings they may have. In the event the adopted parent is deceased, his or her adult child or children can also utilize the same service to establish contact with the biological grandparents.

For biological families, the DFCS can help obtain consent to release contact information or to contact the adoptive family. They will also work to protect any requested information so that birth family identification information is not released from sealed adoption records.

Georgia Center for Resources and Support

The Georgia Center for Resources and Support (GACRS) can assist with a variety of resources throughout Georgia. This non-profit program offers all services on a complimentary basis to both foster and adoptive families in the state. No matter where the adoption originated, families that adopt and live in Georgia can utilize these services. The GACRS has regional resource advisors in various communities all over the state who are available and willing to help families in a variety of ways.

Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind is a training seminar held once a year to discuss and promote adoption. The primary purpose is to support and strengthen families who adopt. During this event, foster and adoptive parents can join a variety of workshops. Topics include dealing with attachment-related issues, children with complex medical problems, how to identify emotional triggers, and more.

There are child-friendly events as well, including workshops, activities, and even childcare. The Teen Leadership Program may interest teenaged attendees. The program offers encouragement to teenagers as they work on personal growth and learn invaluable life-long skills that will help them develop critical thinking skills, set personal goals, and learn how to overcome obstacles.

Crisis Intervention and Support Services

DFCS also has a Family Intervention Team (FIT) that can assist in situations requiring professional intervention. If a serious problem develops, FIT can provide aid early on to help keep the family unit functioning. They can perform in-home assessments and are trained to handle a variety of problems, including aggressive behavior, emotional health issues, school performance, and more.