High Asset Divorce in Georgia

High asset divorces work similarly to normal divorces, with two main differences. First, there’s a lot more at stake—often in terms of your marital investments. Second, there is a lot of unusual complexity. Owning many assets means they are spread out, among other things, across bank accounts, real estate, stocks, businesses, and retirement funds. The issue of high asset division can become complex when divorcing parties of significant means are involved. Assets need to be accurately identified as marital or premarital property, valued and negotiated between the parties.

Our Metro Atlanta high-asset divorce lawyers have years of experience handling our clients asset and property distribution cases. We have a wide range of resources and tools we will utilize during the divorce process, with our attorneys recognizing the stress that divorce can cause. We are skillfully trained to guide you through the divorce process and have a proven track record for handling complex cases.

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