February 2022 Newsletter

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Choose Experience. Get Resolution.

For many, the beginning of a new year inspires us to kick into higher gear and push forward with our projects and goals. That is certainly true for staff at SM&P. Despite Covid and many chilly days, we applied even more determination — if that’s possible — to solving problems for our family law clients. We decided the best way to stay warm was to continue working hard!

We were off to a good start for 2022 when we learned that four of our attorneys were recognized for their good work by their colleagues throughout Georgia. Find out who won which awards and why.

February is filled with holidays and special recognitions. It’s Black History Month. We commemorate and honor those who have contributed so much to our culture and economy. We will also be remembering past presidents on Presidents Day.

And we wish you and all those you love a Happy Valentine’s Day this month and remind you it’s a good time to take care of your own heart during American Heart Month.

Despite all there is to celebrate and venerate in February, all our offices will remain open.

Community News

SM&P Attorneys Named
Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

Once again, Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor is proud to learn that their attorneys have been recognized state-wide for their competence and influence in the legal field. They are pleased to announce that attorneys Ryan Proctor and Melanie Prehodka were named 2022 Georgia Super Lawyers, and that Myia Robinson and Dominic Jones were named Rising Stars by Super Lawyers.

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What Makes SM&P Attorneys
“Super Lawyers”?

Ryan Proctor

Having become a father of two, Ryan says he can better understand the needs that mothers and fathers have, as well as grandparents and other relatives.  So his motivation to try to help parents, families, and children in a time of need was more than enough to ensure his devotion to this profession.

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Melanie Prehodka

Melanie went into law because she realized she had an aptitude for it. “I am very good at assimilating a lot of information that is a confusing mess and using it to tell a comprehensive story that is easy to understand.  I also understand that no one achieves anything totally on their own. We all benefit from those around us who lend advice and offer collaboration as we strive to do our best.”

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Miya Robinson

Myia loves her work. “The key to family law is to recognize the gravity of what you’re doing and extending grace to clients while maintaining an objective perspective on your cases,” she said. “There is a genuine need for family law practitioners who are knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to making what is usually a very difficult time in people’s lives a little easier and more navigable.”

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Dominic Jones

 “I always put myself in my clients’ shoes, and I use my experience and knowledge to help them out with whatever they are going through,” Dominic said. “I believe that you need to be passionate about the area of law that you enter because your passion will most likely lead to more success for your clients.”

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