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Unfortunately, many fathers think they have little to no legal rights compared to mothers. But, that’s not true. Fathers have the right to:

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  • Be a custodial parent
  • Be involved with their children, including a right to visitation
  • Co-parent
  • Assist in decision-making about their children, especially concerning their children’s education, health, and religion

Our Atlanta lawyers represent an increasing number of fathers who want more involvement in their children’s lives. This area is known as “Father’s Rights.” These rights include:

  • The right to seek and have partial or full custody of your child.
  • The right for a custodial parent to ask for child support.

Even if custody is not awarded, a right to be involved in your child’s life without unnecessary interference from the custodial parent.

Legitimation & Paternity Action

A legal action establishing father’s rights is called “legitimation.” “Paternity action” describes the legal term signifying a father’s obligation to his children.

This legitimation process is necessary to establish custody and visitation rights when the parents are unmarried, even if the father is named on the birth certificate. In addition to creating a legal father-child relationship, an order of legitimation gives the child the right to inherit under Georgia law.

Paternity must be established through DNA testing. In Atlanta and throughout Georgia, a legal action to establish paternity (through DNA testing) of the biological father of the child is called a paternity action.

What if I am not married to the mother of my child?

You have no legal rights until you obtain an order legitimating the child.

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