Every father has the right to see his child thrive.

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If you are an unmarried father seeking visitation with your child, or an unmarried mother who wants child support, you must first establish a legal father-child relationship through legitimation in the State of Georgia. Let the caring family law attorneys and Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor help to establish your Father's Rights.

Paternity and Legitimation

The family law attorneys at Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor help you establish your father's rights by navigating you through the complicated legal process. In Georgia, a legal action to establish paternity of the biological father of the child, and receive child support, is called a paternity action.

This legitimation process is necessary to establish custody and visitation rights when the parents are unmarried, even if the father is named on the birth certificate. Paternity must be established through DNA testing. We all inherit our DNA from our parents, and the test compares the DNA patterns to verify fatherhood.

The our experienced lawyers represent unmarried fathers and mothers in the Atlanta metro area who wish to establish paternity or legitimate the child. We also handle petitions petitions for child support and for custody and visitation rights once paternity has been established.

Father's Rights

In addition to mothers seeking child support, our lawyers represent an increasing number of fathers who want to be more involved in their children's lives. This is known as "Father's Rights." A father has the right to seek and have partial or full custody of his child. A father who is a custodial parent has the right to ask for child support as well. Even if custody is not awarded, a father has a right to be involved in his child's life without unnecessary interference from the custodial parent. The attorneys at Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor can help fathers foster ongoing, active relationships with their children, keeping the children's best interests in mind.

If the parents are not married, the legitimation process enables fathers to have the same documented child custody and visitation rights that a divorced father would have. In addition to creating a legal father-child relationship, an order of legitimation gives the child the right to inherit under Georgia law.

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We act as advocates for families throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area for both father's rights and establishing paternity of a child. We have expert attorneys who understand your need to see your child and to establish your rights to their life.

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