Georgia Income Deduction Orders

When a parent inconsistently pays or fails to pay child support, the parent receiving support may need additional assistance in securing the support needed to care for their child. Sometimes, both parties find it easier to have child support automatically taken out of the paying parent’s paycheck. One way to secure this is with an Income Deduction Order. An Income Deduction Order is an Order from the court that requires a party who is ordered to pay child support to have their child support payments automatically withheld from their paycheck.

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Many people feel that it is a negative to have an Income Deduction Order associated with their employment. In reality, Income Deduction Orders are not uncommon and can assist both parties by taking out a step in sending child support. There are numerous reasons why a party may want to have one but mainly, it is simply more convenient for both parties and it provides an easily accessible record of child support payments.

How Does An Income Deduction Order Work?

The first step is that either both parties agree on an Income Deduction Order or the court orders it. The next step involves the judge signing the Income Deduction Order, which is then registered with the Georgia Department of Human Services by the parent receiving support. There is a small one-time fee for the receiving parent to open a case with the Department of Human Services. The Income Deduction Order is then sent to the employer of the party providing support. Finally, the money is withheld from the paycheck, sent to the Georgia Department of Human Services, and placed in an account for the parent receiving the support. There is a small fee associated with the withholding and transfer each month, but that fee is assessed to the paying parent, and deducted with the support payment.

How is An Income Deduction Order Enforced?

Sometimes, a parent receiving child support is nervous that the party providing support will attempt to avoid paying child support. Oftentimes, the party providing support has a history of missing or not making complete payments. An Income Deduction Order is statutorily authorized by the Court in every case where child support is involved (although the court is not required to issue one). The Georgia Department of Human Services will enforce the Income Deduction Order and make sure the custodial parent gets the support for their child’s needs.

Is An Income Deduction Order Necessary For Me?

An Income Deduction Order is not always necessary in child custody cases. Speaking with an experienced Georgia attorney who is familiar with the process and the impact of Income Deduction Orders will help you understand the topic further. Contact us at (678) 971-3413 today if you would like to learn more.