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We can talk about our experience, dedication to family law and unique team approach, but here is something more valuable—what our clients say about their personal experience with us.


“…attentiveness to detail, understanding your circumstances, creating a strategy, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to meet your needs…The team at Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor totally came through for me and I would recommend them hands down above anyone else.”




““…always acted with ethic, loyalty, dedication and compassion…”




“With [his] guidance we were able to strategically focus our resources of time and money where they would be most beneficial… always had my best interests in mind.”




“Going through a divorce at later stage in my life was more traumatic than I would have ever believed. Randy’s experience with, and knowledge of Georgia divorce law helped me understand my legal rights and what my options were to either settle, mediate, or go to court. With Randy’s help, guidance, advice and strategy we were able to reach a settlement agreement without ever having to go to mediation or court. The best thing about Randy was his emphasis on preparation from day one, especially my financials. He gave me a sense of confidence an knowledge that allowed me to take some strong positions as we finalized settlement agreement negotiations. Not only is he a great lawyer with the tenacity of a bulldog, but he couldn’t be more appreciable and has a terrific sense of humor which are qualities and traits that certainly work to his clients benefit.”




“Randy is highly skilled, compassionate and very thorough. He’s just a great attorney! He and his team were professional and extremely knowledgeable. They made an absolutely miserable situation much more tolerable. Everyone was so incredibly supportive throughout the whole process. Randy even had a way of pulling me out of those moments when I was ready to throw in the towel and give my ex everything he wanted. He could even make me laugh during very stressful times. From the very beginning, Randy told me to sit tight and eventually my ex would hang himself. That’s exactly what happened and Randy was prepared for it. I would highly recommend Randy Sabatini and the law firm of Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor to anyone facing a divorce. He really helped guide me and helped me feel more comfortable with the process. He did everything he could to save me as much money as he could and get me everything I wanted. Thank you Randy and the firm of Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor for helping me through this very challenging time! Randy and the firm will always have a special place in my heart.”




"Randy Sabatini was excellent throughout my divorce process. He is a very skilled attorney that listens and understands his client's concerns. He made me aware of where my case stood at all times, and prepared me for what to expect along the way. He never lost sight of my needs and concerns, and was instrumental fighting for them. He and his staff were very accessible and accommodating. His knowledge and experience were evident throughout the process and in court. I would highly recommend Randy to anyone seeking an honest, experienced, aggressive, yet compassionate attorney."


—M. T.


"I came to Melody with a family law issue, which I had no idea where to start. Yet, from start to finish, she and her team conducted the best professional service that went over and beyond my expectations! When we arrive into the courtroom, she was by far the most polished and prepared counselor in the room. This not only instilled a great bit of confidence in me, but we also won my position and all legal matters were concluded much sooner than later. Thanks Melody and Team."


—B. M.


“I had a great experience working with Randy Sabatini and his team. Fast and very professional.”


—G. E.


“Max Fishman did a great job representing me and was on top of everything all the time.”


—C. M.


“This is a tremendously caring and skilled firm. I would highly recommend them. After checking reviews and rates for my highly complex divorce, I feel like I’ve made the right choice with this firm.”




“I was fortunate enough to have been represented by Gina Grady and Dee Clark during my divorce. Words could not express what a pleasure it was having such strong, smart women in my corner during this process. I’m forever grateful to this dynamic duo. Even during the times when I felt like I was being taken advantage of or my emotions were getting the best of me, these amazing women helped me focus on the bigger picture. Thank you, Gina and Dee, for your support and hardwork.”




“I came to Melanie with an extremely difficult domestic violence related divorce. She has been such an incredible legal Godsend. She is well versed in complex divorce situations. She has worked extremely hard to help keep my daughter and me safe as well as advocate for our best interest. She is tremendously talented. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”




“I truly don’t know where I would be without the services of Ms. Webre. From the beginning to the end she remained attentive to the needs of my case and always available for questions or comments. Ms. Webre had my best interest in mind and proved that with her actions in court and through the settlement process. When the opposing party went low, Ms. Webre went high and remained professional and did not deviate from the high moral standard she has been instilled with.”




“My experience with Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor law firm and specifically Atty. Melanie Webre was professional, honest and trustworthy. My biggest concerns were (1) A lawyer that was willing to work with my busy schedule, because I’m in the military and live out of town. (2) The cost. (3) Would this process be time consuming and arduous? Atty. Webre cast all my fears aside with our first consultation. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Atty. Webre to anyone that is looking for a professional and competent attorney.”




“I had a great experience working with Randy and his team. Fast and very professional.”




“ I was very fortunate to come across Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor. I was represented by Randy Sabatini. With myself being an out of state client, Mr. Sabatini and his team made the execution of my case seamless. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring services in their scope of law practice .”




“ Very professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of my case. Will definitely be using Mr. Sabatini again soon. Could not be happier with the result Mr. Sabatoni gave me. .”




“You have made an otherwise overwhelming situation tolerable… Being able to assure the kids that they would be here, with us, being cared for, was the best gift we could have received!”




“…I was very impressed with [her] knowledge of the law and attention to the details… We were able to settle the case through mediation I believe because of the confidence she projected and ability to address the facts."




“…helped get me the answers that I needed and made me feel more comfortable with all the decisions that needed to be made.”




“Chris and I want to sincerely thank you for all that you did for us to ensure Emma is in a good home. From what I can understand you have performed a miraculous act by proving a child is better off with her father then her mother. You know that I feel it should never be clear that a system is for one parent over the other but that seems to be the case everywhere. Chris had always told me this but I just thought he was being a bit jaded from his past experiences. Emma returned from her summer visitation with her mother on the 31st of July and she had a cold. Later she was showing us some videos she made at her moms and the time on them was 2:09am. Emma was exhausted and very sick from all of these all-nighters she had with her friends. Along with being sick for two weeks. She slept until 10 the next morning got up then slept the rest of the day until 6pm when I woke her for dinner. Then back to bed until 9 the next morning. I just don’t understand not putting the wellbeing of your child before anything else. I guess her mom will never change. Thanks for helping us to be able to put Emma first. So many things have been common sense to us along the way in this process and we have been very frustrated at times. I do wish things had gone better with the mediation. I feel like she completely misread Chris. I told Jane what had happened to give her the rest of the story or the end of this part of the story. It has not gone unnoticed by us though that Allie is going to have to pay pretty close to her full payment in child support through the process you set up and we thank you for that. At least she is not getting a credit for travel costs that she is not going to use. We are pretty sure she would rather spend even more money on travel then to write Chris a check for 750 dollars. Allie is a very good actor and she sheds a few tears and that wins a lot of people over. I wish the mediator had seen through it like the judge did. I’m surprised that she didn’t recognize that if this “mother favoring judge” gave Chris custody of Emma then it must have been a bad situation Emma was in. We did want to fight for Allie to pay full support because we know if the shoe was on the other foot she would have gotten more. That is what she was fighting for in court to begin with. She wanted more child support. We just couldn’t go through the ups and downs anymore from the process of a court battle. It was the most difficult thing to go through knowing that Emma was in a hostile environment living with her mother and we begged her many times to stop the fighting especially in from of the kids. These kids now have such a warped understanding of what a relationship is. We try to talk to Emma about good relationships and we are hopeful that she will have healthy relationships in her future. We owe you a debt that can never be paid. Thank you and the staff for being so understanding of our payment arrangements and working with us to make it work for you as well as us. Emma is happy in school and she loves her teachers and the individual attention she gets from them. There are only 34 kids in her class and they split that in half. She plays soccer, basketball and track and she loves it! We thank you so much. Enjoy your babies because it goes by so fast…”


—C. & R.D.


"Randy Sabatini's experience, wit and wisdom showed every step of the way. He helped me with everything I needed to go on successfully with my life after divorce. Randy's care and concern for his client's future and well-being definitely shows in his good character. Divorce is never easy, but I would absolutely recommend Randy to anyone needing guidance from an exceptional and dedicated attorney."


—A. I.


"They care about you, your family and your case, so treat them like people (and not attorneys). I was a father going through a divorce, facing the prospect of no longer being involved in my daughter's life (aside from very limited visitation). I entrusted Lance Dutton with the responsibility of helping me through my divorce (and thus the future of my daughter). Words are insufficient, and I am indebted with gratitude. To anyone reading this I say, be truthful, put your child first and work out a good plan, but if you can't and the courts MUST be involved, call this firm and ask for Lance Dutton."


—S. B.


“I truly don’t know where I would be without the services of Ms. Webre. From the beginning to the end she remained attentive to the needs of my case and was always available for questions or comments. Ms. Webre had my best interest in mind and proved that with her actions in court and through the settlement process. When the opposing party went low Ms. Webre went high and remained professional and did not deviate from the high moral standard she has been installed with.”


—P. C.


“Melanie Norvell did everything she promised in a kind and timely manner. Kerry was my angel throughout the entire process. This was very hard for me and I was blessed to have their help and encouragement. Thank you all.”


—G. R.


“After wanting a family for so long and trying everything under the sun, my best friend offered to be our surrogate. We knew we needed to find a lawyer to help with the legal aspects of our situation. We contacted SM&P and made an appointment to see Ms. Swilling. After our initial consultation, we knew Melody was the perfect person to help us. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge of the law left us feeling at ease and able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Melody and her paralegal, Ms. Mary, kept us informed and aware throughout the entire process. We are finally the legal parents to our beautiful son. Thanks to all the staff members of SM&P, especially Ms. Melody Swilling..”




“One of the hardest things to go through is a divorce because your relationship has died. Gina and all the staff at Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor were completely understanding, supportive and available during my divorce. I would recommend Gina and the firm to anyone who needs their services.”




“Attorney Melanie Webre handled my son’s divorce case after we spent almost $20,000.00 on two other attorneys that did absolutely nothing! Attorney Webre had to come in and be a miracle worker after the previous attorneys botched the divorce case and did nothing with respect to the custody issues.

Attorney Webre is not afraid to file motions or litigate on behalf of her clients. She is honest, patient, will answer all questions, and is prompt in responding to clients.

In terms of her legal skills and competency, Attorney Webre is equal to any of the “high profile” attorneys that I’ve worked with in my 25 year investigative career. I highly recommend Attorney Melanie Webre.”




“Melanie Webre by far is one of the best divorce attorneys working in the Metro Atlanta area today. She has not only handled my divorce case but my child custody case as well. I was successful both times with my cases thanks to Melanie and her staff’s hard work, dedication, focus and general care and concern for not only my well-being but my child’s. She has been an absolute Godsend for me and my family, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs legal advice.”




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