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When going through your divorce process, you will encounter something that seems mysterious and maybe even arbitrary to you—a judge's decision about who receives custody and visitation rights. It's also probably one of the things that worries you the most. You fear having restricted access to your children who you love dearly, and you might think an arbitrary decision from a judge might bar you from seeing your children on a regular basis.


Will Seeing a Psychiatrist or Psychologist Hurt My Divorce or Child Custody Case?

Sadly, a stigma still exists in the United States about mental health—enough to prevent many people from seeking treatment. In fact, you may even feel that seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist for legitimate mental health issues may hurt your divorce or child custody case. Basically, you may believe that a judge will apply the same stigma to your case that often exists in society—that people with mental illness have something “wrong” with them—and that you are not mentally equipped to take care of your children as well as your spouse.


Custody Case won by Attorneys Lance Dutton & Jennifer Brown

Attorney Lance Dutton of Stearns-Montgomery & Procter recently won an appeal assisted by Attorney Jennifer Brown for the benefit of a father seeking custody of his child.


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