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Even under the best circumstances, going through a divorce can be a trying process for everyone involved. Whether one spouse initiated the divorce or both agreed that it was time to bring their marriage to an end, it is not unusual for recently divorced individuals to experience feelings of stress, sadness, shame, anxiety and even fear about the future. Children of all ages who witness the end of their parents’ marriage can go through similar emotions as well, with younger children often taking their parents’ divorces the hardest.

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Spousal Support is Not a Right in Georgia

Many people who are considering a divorce or who are already going through the process of divorce wonder if they will be required to pay alimony to their spouse. While both parents are legally obligated to support their children when a divorce occurs, there are no state requirements for spousal support (alimony) in Georgia. Rather than being a “right,” the court may award spousal support in certain situations. It is important to understand that an alimony award is not based upon gender, but is instead based upon the court’s finding that one spouse has a demonstrated need for financial assistance and the other spouse has the ability to pay the amount.

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Divorce is usually complicated. If children are in the equation, not only does it get more complicated, but in many cases the children can become pawns of manipulation, victims of circumstance, collateral damage. It is always best to hire an attorney to protect everyone’s rights.

Melanie Webre was involved in a case with a married couple who previously lived on the West Coast. The wife moved to Georgia with their three-year old daughter and the husband moved to the Midwest. Once in Georgia, the wife filed for divorce. The husband did not hire an attorney. In the divorce agreement, he was given monthly visitation, but no specific schedule was in place and visitation would be allowed as agreed upon by the parties.

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