Applying to the Probate Court

Probate is the legal process that deals with the administration of a deceased person’s estate. Since the process takes place after the death of a person, the process is usually seen through by their heirs/spouses/trustees. The process generally includes:

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  • Proving the validity of the will (if any) left behind by the deceased person. This matter is a routine procedure.
  • Identifying and listing all the property in the name of the deceased person.
  • Getting the property duly appraised
  • Paying off the debts and taxes owed by the deceased
  • Distributing the property that remains according to the will (if any). In case there is no will, the state laws direct the course of property distribution.

Normally, the probate process involves making appearances at the probate court and a lot of paperwork by the probate lawyers. The process begins by filing an application in the probate court and requesting the court to appoint you as the official executor of will