Domestic Partnership Registration

Our Georgia family law attorneys are here to assist you with domestic partnership registration. If you and your partner opt to live together but are reluctant to get married, it offers an additional level of commitment in your relationship while providing numerous practical benefits. The following outlines the registration process and the documents you will need to present to officials.

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Georgia Domestic Partnership Registration

Domestic partnership is not available statewide in Georgia. Rather than being authorized under the Georgia Code, it is, instead, up to individual cities and counties within the state to decide whether to offer it and to create the rules and regulations governing these agreements. Domestic partnership registration is currently only offered in the following areas:

  • The city of Atlanta;
  • Fulton County at large, but only to same-sex couples;
  • Athens-Clarke County.

In Atlanta, domestic partnership is available to both city residents and government employees. To register, contact the Atlanta Mayor’s Office through Constituent Services.

The basic requirements for domestic partnership in all three areas where it is offered are generally the same. To register, you need to provide a government-issued photo ID listing your address or other proof that you reside together, such as a utility bill. You must also assert that you are at least 18 years old, are not currently in another domestic partnership agreement, and are not legally married or separated.

Some private companies offer benefits for domestic partners, but that is usually on a case-by-case basis. If you are in a domestic partnership, it would serve your interests to check with your human resources department to see what may be available to your partner. You have to register your partner with your employer, who may have independent guidelines for how that must be accomplished.

Domestic Partnership Certificate

Once you submit the appropriate information, pay processing fees, and have your application approved, you will receive a domestic partnership certificate. While it is not equivalent to a marriage license, it may be presented to employers and service providers to qualify you for certain benefits. Once this certificate is in place, you must notify the issuing office in order to have it terminated.