Types of Custody

In Georgia child custody proceedings, there are several issues that need to be resolved. These include the right to physical custody of the children and other custodial rights that allow you to take an active role in the various areas of their lives.

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Physical Custody and Custodial Rights in Georgia

Physical custody refers to where the child lives and the rights of parents to visitation. Under Section 19-9-3 of the Georgia Code, neither the mother nor the father has automatic rights to physical custody. Instead, this is decided based on input from both parents, their attorneys, and the judge in the case. A custody order will dictate where the child lives and the rights to visitation on weeknights, weekends, and during school breaks, holidays, or other special occasions.

In addition to physical custody, the custody rights of each parent will be addressed in the order. This will dictate whether the parent has the right to visit the children at school or recreational functions, and the amount of input they have in matters relating to the children’s education, development, and religious upbringing.

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