Parenting Time

Parenting time in Georgia child custody cases is generally determined by the judge, factoring in any parenting agreements between the parents. Parenting time guidelines are dictated by the court and go into extensive detail, outlining the amount of day-to-day involvement each parent will have with the children.

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Georgia Parenting Time Guidelines

Parenting time guidelines are listed under Section 19-9-1 of the Georgia Code Based on the specific factors in your case, you and the other parent will need to determine a parenting time schedule. This will generally be coordinated in meetings with both parents and their attorneys. In the event that you and the other parent cannot reach an agreement regarding how parenting time will be divided, you may submit a parenting plan on your own, which the judge will consider in making custody determinations.

A sample parenting plan is available online through the Fulton County court.Issues addressed when determining parenting time include the following:

  • The amount of time the child spends at each parent’s residence;
  • Plans for weeknight or weekend visitation;
  • Provisions for attending school functions;
  • Plans for school breaks, holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

If you and the other parent live a long distance from each other, there are extra provisions to include in establishing a parenting plan. A long distance visitation schedule shows the primary residence of the child and when the child visits the other parent. The amount of visitation depends on the needs of your child and what works for the parents.

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