Getting An Uncontested Divorce With Children

In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on the terms involved. In addition to issues related to property and assets, this also includes the care and custody of any children from the marriage. You will need to submit a parenting plan, which divides parental responsibilities, details your arrangements, and supports the role each of you will continue to play in the child’s life.

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Child Custody Arrangements in Uncontested Divorce

Simply agreeing to terms regarding child custody arrangements in an uncontested divorce is not enough. You will still need to outline how these arrangements will be handled so that they can be approved through the court. This generally involves creating a Georgia parenting plan. Details to include as part of this plan are:

  • Arrangements regarding how parenting time will be divided during the week;
  • Plans regarding weekends and overnight visits;
  • Detailed arrangements for holidays, school breaks, and other special occasions;
  • Provisions for pick-up and drop-off locations;
  • Authority in making decisions regarding the child, such as those involving their education, health care, and religious upbringing;
  • The rights of each parent to attend school and recreational functions;
  • Methods of communication, both between parents and with the child.

You should also include how issues will be resolved in the event of disputes or changes in plans.

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