Divorce Mediation Costs

You may be wondering if divorce mediation, a popular alternative to traditional divorce proceedings, is right for you. It is less expensive than traditional divorce, takes less time, and is usually less stressful. Plus, there is a higher chance that both parties will walk away feeling like the decision was fair to them, and that the other spouse did not end up with something that he or she did not deserve.

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Cost of Divorce Mediation in Georgia

With a typical contested divorce costing upwards of several tens of thousands of dollars, mediation may be right for you if you and your spouse do not want to spend so much on separating. Mediators usually bill between $0.00 and $375 per hour, depending up the county in which the action is filed. Combined with your personal attorney’s fee, mediation is quite reasonable. Sometimes during traditional court divorces, a judge will order mediation.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Mediation works like this: You and your attorney sit in one room while your spouse and his or her attorney sit in another room. A divorce mediator, who is an unbiased third party and usually a retired judge or attorney, goes between the two rooms (sometimes mediation occurs in a single room) and explains what each party is seeking to the other.

Eventually, the two spouses may come to a middle ground. At the end of the mediation, legal documents can be signed to enforce whatever decisions were made regarding asset division, child custody, child support, and alimony. However, neither spouse has to sign anything at the end if he or she is not comfortable with the agreement. If mediation fails, and no agreement is signed, the spouses can decide what to do next. They may opt for another mediation, or settle the matter in court.