Contested Divorce Costs

Our Georgia divorce attorneys know that, in any divorce, keeping your expenses down is a priority; how much does a contested divorce cost is in fact a question we hear quite often. In a contested divorce case, this can be a challenge. While each situation is different, the following highlights some of the typical contested divorce costs and expenses you can expect to pay.

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Expenses in a Contested Divorce

Certain court expenses apply in any divorce case. These includes basic filing fees and the cost to serve your petition on your spouse. These are filed with the superior court in the district where you live, and charges vary. In the Fulton County Superior Court, as well as in most other Georgia counties, these costs are in the vicinity of $250.

In an uncontested case, no additional filings may be necessary. A contested divorce generally involves added fees. These include additional court filings and the costs for your attorney to represent you in negotiations. If a divorce settlement cannot be reached, the judge may order you to attend mediation. These fees vary greatly from one case to another, depending on the issues that need to be resolved. All of these expenses run up your overall costs, but you may be entitled to claim their reimbursement as part of your settlement.

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Every divorce is different. As experienced Georgia divorce attorneys, we work to resolve your case in the most cost-effective manner possible. To get a better idea of the specific expenses that may be involved in your case, contact Stearns‑Montgomery & Proctor today and request a consultation.