What To Do When Your Collaborative Divorce Is In A Deadlock

Many couples choose Collaborative Divorce instead of litigation thinking they are both on the same page enough to work out an agreement or thinking the other will cave in and agree to anything just to stay out of the courtroom. So what happens when in the middle of Collaborative Divorce both parties refuse to budge and can’t agree on terms?  Below are a few tips to get out of a Collaborative Divorce Deadlock.

4 Tips to help get out of a Collaborative Divorce Deadlock

1. If you reach a topic that you both can’t agree on stop and switch to a topic that you both have similar feelings on and can agree to easier. Being able to agree on these topics may make either party or both feel more willing to compromise on other topics.

2. It is important to keep an open mind during Collaborative Divorce no matter how hard it may be to see the other’s point of view. Talk through any opinions you may disagree on with your coach and attorneys.

3. When negotiations start it is easy to get stuck on the small details. Remember what your broad goals for the divorce are and don’t obsess over the small things.

4. During Collaborative Divorce professionals are often times called in to help resolve specific issues. Instead of arguing about finances or the children, call in a professional that can help resolve the issue before you get to a deadlock.

Talking with your attorney before you go into negotiations can help keep you on the right track and keep the overall goals in focus. Call an experienced Divorce Attorney to talk about your options in Collaborative Divorce.