Types of Income Used to Calculate Child Support


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Child support payments are usually awarded to the custodial parent of a minor child to help with expenses associated with raising that child. Georgia law uses a child support calculation formula that takes the income and debt of both parents into account. The court-ordered child support amount is intended to equal the minimum amount the […]

Paternity Test Required

Is a Paternity Test Required for Child Support?

The topic of child support has long been a controversial one throughout the state of Georgia. During the past decade, changes have been made to the paternity laws in an effort to make rules more transparent and fair to both parents. However, there are still problems, especially when paternity is an issue. Horror stories involving […]

alimony recapture rule

Are You Subject to the Alimony Recapture Rule?

If being ordered to pay alimony was not already bad enough, imagine having made all your alimony payments on time, and then receiving a nasty letter from the IRS. It states that they are going to audit your tax returns for the last three years, including your paid alimony deductions. Sounds like a nightmare!