Legal Liaison of Client Relations

Position: Legal Liaison of Client Relations
Status: Full Time
Salary Range: $60,000 - $80,000
Bonus Eligibility (Y/N): No
Location: Marietta, GA - Hybrid

Job Description:
Legal Liaison:

  • Conslit and handle all legal processes.
  • For training, research processes and prepare How To docs for paralegal training folder (ex.Proper form of subpoenas, since some are done and by attorney, not clerk; death of a client, etc.)
  • Any legal contracts for the firm
  • Develop company policy and position on legal issues.
  • Research, anticipate and guard company against legal risks.
  • Guide managers and ensure compliance with rlies and regliations.
  • Structure, draft and review reports and other legal documents.
  • Represent company in legal proceedings, if a non-legal person is not able to represent the Firm in the proceedings.
    • Collections
    • Bankruptcy 341 hearings
  • Draft and administer all contracts.
  • Negotiate deals and attend company meetings.

Client Relations:

  • Legal investigations
    • Prepare responses to direct contact with Managing Partner.
    • File review
  • Internal Transition Process (leaving attorney or temp leave of absence attorney):
    • Prepare and update Spreadsheet.
    • File review.
    • Monitor/ Manage.
    • Send / prep transition emails to team.
    • Confirm that all transitions move to completion.
    • Confirm that the receiving attorney is working on the case.
    • Handle the occasional random internal changes.
  • If onboarding attorney has outside cases, manage to our protection:
    • Monitor those cases checking on them monthly.
    • Follow up with atty regarding status.
    • Make sure all cases were disposed of


    - Law Degree