are divorce records public?

The formerly married hosts of a television show, Flip or Flop, recently surprised fans by deciding to continue working on their show together despite the end of their marriage. The couple became yet another example of a high-profile divorce consuming the news and the minds of curious third parties eager to know the private details of the dissolved marriage.

abandonment divorces

Just a few short months after getting married on the controversial television show “90 Day Fiancé,” Cherokee County, Georgia couple Molly and Luis Mendez filed for divorce.  The explanation given for the divorce, as cited on documents filed in court, was that the marriage was “irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.” This typically means that the spouses are no longer willing or able to live together and maintain their marital relationship or resume their spousal duties. This is a common reason for divorce and grounds for a no-fault divorce.  “No-fault divorce” means that one spouse need not prove that the other spouse did anything wrong in order to obtain a divorce. In no-fault divorce states like Georgia, a person pursuing a divorce does not need to show that their spouse was a bad spouse or failed to live up to the marriage vows.

Called Off Your Engagement

Georgia courts no longer recognize common law marriages. They do, according to one relatively new case, find that having a long-time significant other and an engagement can be considered a legally binding contract, creating a liability for one party if he or she chooses to leave the relationship, also called a breach of promise to marry.

Open Marriage in Georgia

The New York Times published a piece that shared the experiences of couples practicing open marriages. It sparked serious discussions about non-monogamous unions. The article challenged the traditional paradigm of marriage and explored the concept of people in open marriages being happier overall. More recently, a family from Georgia made international headlines after sharing the details of their own polyamorous relationship. While these stories help publications gain views, they also create dialogue about the practicality and legality of open marriage in Georgia.