Your ex-spouse may still be a beneficiary of your estate.  Have you changed all of your beneficiary designations? – Whether it is for your retirement benefits or your life insurance, if you don’t remember to change your beneficiary forms when you get divorced your spouse will remain the beneficiary. 

Thirty years is the initial term of most mortgages, so in a divorce situation it is generally of utmost importance for both parties to reach an agreement that specifically establishes a workable method to dispose of the marital mortgage.  The idea is to not only to legally separate yourself from your spouse, but also from all marital debt so that you can start your new life without worrying about previous obligations.

The family law firm of Stearns-Montgomery & Associates announced today that Ryan Proctor has been named partner, and that the firm name will be changed to Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor. The new partnership announcement is another sign of the firm's continued growth and success in the Atlanta area.

"Ryan's clients have always been impressed with his high level of enthusiasm and maturity," said Founder Mary Stearns-Montgomery. "Ryan is well-known for his practical advice, creative solutions, and ability to fight and win when it's necessary to go to court.

In his expanded role, Ryan will lead many of the firm's most difficult cases and assist in firm management. He has helped hundreds of individuals and families with their divorce, family law, and other legal needs, and looks forward to sharing that experience with other associates.

In an initial custody dispute between the parents over the custody of a minor child, the sole question to be determined is what is in the best interests of the child. This question can only be answered by a judge, as Georgia law prohibits juries from determining custody matters. Essentially, there are no boundaries as to what a judge may look at in determining a child’s best interests, as the law provides that the judge may consider “any relevant factor.”