Going to your first meeting with a divorce lawyer can be an overwhelming experience. You may be intimidated by the lawyer’s office or feel unsure about the process and nervous about your unknown future. Preparing before will ensure that you get the most out of the meeting and leave you feeling sure about your decision and the process going forward. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your first meeting with your divorce lawyer:

Summer time can be a big adjustment if you have recently been divorced. Trying to work around everyone’s schedule and ensure each parent gets their allotted time with the children can prove to be challenging and stressful. While planning a separate summer vacation from your ex spouse can be difficult, these few tips can help make summer vacation planning a little easier. 

When going through a tough time such as divorce it is important for you to keep your mind and body healthy. Taking care of your mind and body will help ease the stress and emotions divorce brings. These few tips will help keep your mind and body healthy during these difficult times:

Going through a divorce is tough on everyone involved, including kids. For many divorce is an unfamiliar territory that is scary and filled with emotions. Kids often don’t understand divorce and are unsure about what lies ahead for them. With help from these tips, you can feel more confident about making this tough time easier for your child.