House Bill 1055 adopted by the Georgia House of Representatives and the Georgia State Senate and signed into law May 14, 2010, by Governor Sonny Perdue caused all court costs to increase effective that day.

Pursuant to the above, attached please find a list of court cost fee increases from the Fulton County Daily Report, the Fulton County’s official court record.

If you have watched any television over the holiday season, you have undoubtedly been subjected to the seemingly never-ending barrage of jewelry commercials portraying husbands and boyfriends surprising their wives and girlfriends with fine rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.  Of course, the jewelry companies are hoping to convince their male audience that the answer to happily ever after lies in their ability to give their significant other a perfect (and hopefully expensive) piece of jewelry.  What the jewelry companies don't worry about is this¦who gets to keep the jewelry if things do not work out as expected?  In 2009, I was involved in several cases where I had to answer that question.

The three most common scenarios that could lead to a dispute over who gets to keep expensive jewelry that was given as a gift during the course of a marital or premarital relationship are as follows:

5 Reasons to Keep Your Options Open