The holidays can be difficult and trying for many families, especially for those dealing with relationship stress or divorce.

Whether you're recently divorced or going through a divorce, the new year is the perfect time to re-frame the way you think about your future. A few small changes to the way you think can vastly improve your life, your happiness, and your well-being.

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You have a custody order in the state of Georgia.  Your ex moves to another state.  Your ex continuously violates the order.   You are told by your attorney you will have to sue in the other state.  What, go to Alaska to hire an attorney?  The marriage was here in Georgia, the children were born here in Georgia, you have a Georgia divorce decree.  He is the one that moved that far away - not you.   A loop hole in the law for sure.  Well that hole has now been officially closed.  With the passing of the Senate Bill 491, effective immediately, a client is entitled to sue for contempt here in Georgia.  Whew!

If you relocated to Georgia with your ‘significant other,’ a Georgia court may find that even though the two of you never had an official ceremony or obtained a marriage license, he or she may still be your “husband” or “wife” – and entitled to all the benefits and burdens that come along with the title.