Grandparent Rights in Georgia by Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor

While not as common as cases involving parental rights, we do see quite a few grandparent's rights cases that involve visitation and (less commonly) custody. If you're a grandparent, you might wonder when you have the right to claim legal visitation and custody—and you might not even know that you had these rights.

For some reason, many people's ideas about alimony remain stuck in the past. Fifty or more years ago, it was common for a husband to earn all of the money while a wife stayed at home to raise the children and maintain the house. Such a traditional arrangement meant that if they divorced, the woman was in dire need of financial support. Permanent, lifelong alimony often resulted.

During one of his crazy "reports," Saturday Night Live's character Stefon once joked that a club featured a doorman who high-fived children of divorce. While meant as just one of many bizarre things that the imaginary club contained, I think we all agree that children of divorce could often use a high-five, especially during the holiday season.

So, the divorce process is over. But in the back of your mind, you might already be thinking about the right moment to modify any existing agreements in the future. Your alimony or child support payments might be expensive, perhaps you feel you aren't getting paid enough from your ex-spouse, or maybe you're looking for a better child custody agreement than the one in place.