During the Super Bowl this year, a commercial presented by NO MORE focused on ending domestic violence and sexual assault. The spot centered on a call from a woman to 911, pretending to order a pizza to escape the violence she was experiencing in her home. The abuse she experienced is evident in the scenes portrayed throughout the house, items strewn about and walls punched-in.

According to the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, in 2010, the number of crisis calls to Georgia’s certified domestic violence agencies was 71,212 and the number of protective and stalking orders issued in Georgia was 23,013. Domestic violence, also known as family violence, intimate partner violence and teen dating violence, is a widespread problem that continues to grow not only in the State of Georgia, but across the nation. 

Georgia Domestic Violence Laws by Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor

In 1981, the Georgia legislature enacted the Family Violence Act (FVA) in an attempt to bring an end to acts of family violence, or at the least, to provide courts with the authority to order temporary relief as it deems necessary to protect a potential victim from family violence. Davis-Redding v. Redding, 246 Ga. App. 792 (2000).