Melissa Powell

Associate Attorney

Melissa’s understanding of family law and the issues that drive it go far beyond book learning. As the divorced mother of seven children (four biological and three adopted), she knows what families, particularly children, can go through when relationships break apart. She gained sole custody of her children, moved into a small house, worked on her law degree, and ran her children to multiple schools and extra-curricular activities. When it comes to family law, she has walked the talk.

Melissa owned a firm for several years. Due to her positive reputation, all her clients came word-of-mouth from former clients. So when she decided to expand her horizons, she looked for a firm with an equally good name. “I joined Stearns-Montgomery because they believe in serving clients. They do a good job, listen to their clients’ needs, and prepare them each step of the way.” She is excited to be part of the Marietta team.

Melissa is a staunch advocate for women’s and children’s rights. “I know what they are going through, what their soon-to-be ex is saying and what it means, what they will hear and how to handle it, and -- best of all -- how to move their kids forward for success. After I am gone, I want to know the family has every tool to succeed moving forward.”

Clients trust Melissa. “They know I’ll be honest with them and bring them back from insanity if needed. I’m there by their side. They are never in the dark and are prepared for what’s going to happen. When they are in a fog, I explain everything that happened so they understand. I can and will hold a hand if needed.”

Melissa has found Cobb County to be a wonderful place to live. When not helping clients, she thrives on building decks and remodeling houses. “Projects are a great stress release and provide me with hard physical labor that keeps me humble.” She has remarried and loves spending time with her seven children, including her youngest daughter, in high school. Melissa also brags about her five grandbabies and the joy of sharing life with them. As a Harry Potter fan, she admits they indulge in marathon parties, complete with butterbeer.


State of Michigan, 2014
State of Georgia, 2020


Thomas M Cooley Law School

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Juris Doctorate, 2012

Grand Valley State University

Allendale, Michigan
Bachelor of Science, 2009